Vision and mission


We strive for a world where every child is protected, cared for in a nurturing environment and has the opportunity to achieve a positive future.


SOS Children’s Villages UK mobilises resources to strengthen families and the communities in which they live; to give children whose families are no longer able to care for them a safe and nurturing environment tailored to their needs; to provide life skills and training so young people have better opportunities to shape their future; to respond to the specific needs of children in emergency situations and to call for decision-makers to uphold their obligations to meet children’s rights.

Strategic Goals for 2019-2021

  1. To expand the reach and impact of our support for children without parental care or at risk of losing parental care and their communities.  In particular, to support our target groups in Zambia and The Gambia through family-like care and family strengthening programmes; in Africa and South-east Asia through support for young peoples’ training and employability to improve livelihoods and in emergency and crisis situations worldwide to protect the most vulnerable children
  2. To identify and develop programmes for funding that best deliver our mission in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages International and have the greatest appeal to donors and potential donors
  3. To Increase and diversify SOS Children’s Villages income from the UK, building sustainable and more predictable income channels while spreading the risk of fluctuations in income and building unrestricted income
  4. To improve our accountability to all of SOS Children’s Villages UK’s stakeholders, including donors, supporters, our regulators and the UK public and to ensure that our beneficiaries remain the centre of everything we do
  5. To improve SOS Children’s Villages UK’s brand profile and legitimacy, positioning the organisation as a thought leader and expert in alternative childcare and attracting donors to our mission
  6. To build a high performing organisation and culture to deliver SOS Children’s Villages UK’s mission